Marine Sector

Our Company has a wealth of experience in the IT Marine sector.

Our experts specialize in survey operations and data processing. We produce solid GIS products according to IHO and IMO standards.


QUADRANT-ENC provides services & consulting for your survey projects

survey services

- Survey Engineers provide services in Hydrography, Geophysics operations, Trenching operations, Pipeline inspections, ROV operations, etc.

- Process multibeam and singlebeam raw data - Create surfaces and DTM - Contour generation, suppress soundings and master file creation - All our processes are according to IHO standards. - GIS Cartographic map products and Oceanographic studies.

- Quality control for your spatial data source. - Our expertise supports the processing of any type of format of raw data you may have which will be incorporated to your GIS and ENC production.


CAD maps, GIS, master files and ENC digital nautical chart production under the international specifications IHO & IMO.

Cartographic products

CAD master files and GIS digital nautical chart cells using the representation library and specifications from the IHO and IMO. We provide training courses for Cartography, Hydrographic data processing, GIS Mapping and Hydrographic Production Database (HPD). IT Consulting services for Oracle installation and HPD products.

Electronic Nautical Chart (ENC) production using S-57 and S-101 standards with S-52 Library. We include consulting services for Oracle and SQL installations for HPD products. Our company can provide ENC and I-ENC production if it is requiered by your institution

ECS Solutions

Our ECS software is a simple tool to navigate in adverse weather conditions during the day and night.

Electronic Chart System (ECS)

- Support all the serial protocols type NEMA 0183 and it is easy to interlace with all your instruments from your ship. - Comply with the regulations of International Organizations such as IHO, IMO and IEC. - Support AIS signals, meteorological data such as currents, tides via Internet connection to acquire additional information from specific feature objects included in the ENC S-57 catalog and external servers. - Support BSB raster charts type v3/v4, ENC S-57, S-100 and S-63 encrypted nautical charts including live data from AtoN.

- The ENC catalog chart registration allows the user to have a secure connection to a local server via internet connection to download the latest ENC chart updates or new editions. (type *.001, *.002, *.003, etc.) - There is an APP available in the Apple and Google store ready to be used in your iPhone, iPad and Android mobiles. The APP has an option to buy a layer with official nautical raster chart to be used as background from the selected country.

Web Chart Server

Load and distribute your ENCs S-57 Datasets with updates from your country by only using a secure Internet connection.


The application Web Chart Server (WCS) allows to load ENCs S-57 Datasets (*.000) and updates (*.001, *.002, etc.) from your country by only using a secure Internet connection. The server could be for private or public use. Our system has secure and encrypted user transactions for downloading operations. Add protection to your ENC S-57 dataset files according to the S-63 scheme protection from the IHO.

There is an internal management system to do some transactions and ship invoices to the general public after buying some ENCs online. Every ENC uploaded will have a single setting in order to set an expiration date and renew your ENC dataset online. The Web Chart Server (WCS) solution allows your institution to provide a local service to your national fleet with an online web distribution. You can share your ENC production with international institutions to have a validation process with quality control to your ENC production.

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Early warning system type Desktop App and AIS Web based technology for a Vessel Traffic Monitoring System (VTMS).

AIS Web VTS Server

- Monitor vessels in real time - Create filters - Create alarms - Follow ship - History replay - Export coordinates and ship data - Create customized reports.

- SAR & Incident command center - Display radar data (targets) - Display live CCTV cameras. Display meteorological data (wind gust, humidity, temperature, etc.) - And add additional modules with functionalities.

Pipeline protection under three basic categories: 1. Vessel close to the Pipeline and anchor/moored - 2. Vessel close to the Pipeline but unclear status - 3. Pipeline in the safe condition. User can define customized alarms and add additional instruments.

Aids To Navigation

Real time data coming from different sources such as beacons, buoys, lights, tide levels, weather stations, etc. Showing geographical location with live data


The AIS Web AtoN shows different colors and symbol representation according to international specifications and provides customized symbols showing the operational status of the battery, lights, buoys, lighthouse location and integrates data from any meteorological instrument.

AtoN messages can use filters with warnings to prevent an adequate maintenance with deadlines and reports. The AtoN information can be published online and in real time via the use of a free Internet browser.

IALA Compliant: - Functionality to display the battery and messages type 6, 8 and 21. - Create virtual buoys. - Create a guardian zone around the AtoN equipment in order to register an incident or theft detection - Create alarms when a signal is off in order to re-establish its operation. - Create reports to provide maintenance properly to the hardware and signal lights - Store all parameters and events to a database such as SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.