AIS Server: AIS Web VTS Server Proffessional
AIS Client: AIS Web VTS LITE version
IMO Compliant VTMS: AIS Web VTS solution for Vessel Traffic Monitoring System
Software or service: Item provided as a regional service or sale of product

AIS Product

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Technology: Web based AIS VTMS solution
Features: - Monitor vessels in real time
- Create filters
- Create alarms
- Follow ship
- History replay
- Export coordinates and ship data
- Create customized reports
- SAR & Incident command center
- Display radar data (targets)
- Display live CCTV cameras
- Display meteorological data (wind gust, humidity, temperature, etc.)
- And additional functions with modules...
Modules: - See the AIS Modules tab...
Latin America - AIS servers: Countries: Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela
Our company is developing AIS projects since the year 2012
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