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Aids To Navigation (AtoN)

Our AIS Web VTS application supports real time data coming from different sources such as beacons, buoys, lights, tide levels, weather stations, etc. Our software Aids to Navigation (AtoN) is a web based technology.

- The AIS Web AtoN show different colors and symbol representation according to IALA specifications and provide customized type of representation showing the operational status of the lights, buoys, lighthouse location and integrate any meteorological equipment with data available in your institution.

- All the AtoN messages can include the use of alarms in order to prevent maintenance deadlines to your equipment and providing an efficient service to your maintenance team division.

- The AtoN information can be published online and in real time via the use of a free Internet browser.

IALA Compliant

Our AtoN software has been developed to support the Aids To Navigation division in order to monitor and update all the hardware of Navigational signals installed along the coastline and from a very long distance.
Product features:
- Functionality to display the voltage and display messages type 6, 8 and 21.
- Create virtual buoys.
- Create a guardian zone around the AtoN equipment in order to register an incident or theft detection
- Create alarms when a signal (AtoN) is off in order to restablish its operation.
- Create some reports in order to provide maintenance properly to the hardware and signal lights
- Store all parameters and events to a database such as SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

- Support operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 & Win 8.