Electronic Chart System



Electronic Chart System (ECS)

Our ECS software is a simple tool to navigate in adverse weather conditions during the day and night.
- Support the NEMA 0183 and serial protocols and it is easy to adapt to your ship.
- Comply with the regulations of the International Organizations such as IHO, IMO and IEC.
- Allow you to use AIS signals, currents, tides and Internet access to acquire additional information from specific feature objects included in the ENC S-57 catalog
- Support BSB raster charts type v3/v4, ENC S-57 and S-63 encrypted charts and display Aids to Navigation (AtoN).
- There is an ENC catalog chart registration and allow you to have a secure connection to your local server via internet in order to download the ENC chart updates or new editions. (*.001, *.002, *.003, etc.)
- Application type "plugin" to browse the software in cell phones or mobile v6.0 or higher.

- Support operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Linux x86 and Apple (Unix).

ECDIS Training course

- Training course in your site for ECS and ECDIS system
- Training course in Vancouver, Canada for ECDIS system using the latest 3D simulator room.
- Project creation to implement with products and licenses your ECS and ECDIS systems
- QUADRANT-ENC provide a customized S-52 representation library in your current ECDIS system to display some Marine Information Objects (MIO), AML objects or insert special fields and attributes to current feature objects if required.

- Our training course are IMO compliant.