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QUADRANT-ENC have a wealth of experience in the IT Marine sector.

Our Marine services consists of management of spatial data where our experts specialize in making solid products according to IHO and IMO standards and building capacity with your technical personnel through consistent customer support service and project development which include training instructions and consultancy service while implementing growth strategies in your Hydrographic and Mapping divisions.

With the world's growing demand for digital nautical chart products such as ENCs and I-ENCs, QUADRANT-ENC is favorably positioned in long term growth trends of global demmand including Marine software development if necessary.

QUADRANT-ENC sets the highest standard for the Marine products by providing some services in the Americas and representing some manufacture companies such as echo sounder, transducers, multihaz equipment, accesories, etc. and software with the right tools and solutions.

Our company has a great management team with corporate values and is publicly regarded as one of the leading GIS and ENC/S57 producer in Latin America.