Enviromental Solution

Map data

CAD data

Geological data

Environmental Solution

Our company has an environmental solution to monitor the water quality, type of soil, including the results from laboratories and historical data.
In this field your mining company might include the use of some weather stations located around the mines and publishing some meteorological data in real time through an online internet server.

EQWin Database

Our database software can use MS Access, MS Excel and support the interaction of SQL operations and Oracle database servers. The user can execute SQL scripts and export some tables with data from an environmental database to any specific format you may require.
- Consultancy services for your institution and the enviromental division
- Our processes support diverse historical formats you may have available in your office.
- We have a wide experience in developing some land projects for environmental issues related to mine explorations with contaminations, since the year 1997 by providing some work on behalf of Canadian company ADI.

GIS Maps and database configurations
- We provide a full customer support service for the environmental team division and provide some advices regarding the use of some customized maps with reports coming from their environmental local database server.
- Our company provide training courses in the Spanish language for the enviromental and mapping team division using EQWin database products and GIS software

- Consultancy services for MS Access, MySQL and Oracle products are available.