GIS Maps

Map data

CAD data

Geological data

GIS Solution

Our company has a GIS environmental solution named "SIGA" developed exclusively to monitor some land factors that may be altered or affected by the mining operations such as land information, water quality, type of soil and the use of some weather stations located around the mine updating some data in the database automatically and publish some online via internet.

In the Geomatic field, we can provide a desktop solution showing the following information:

- General map location
- Geological map
- Topographic map
- Hydrology map
- Magnetic map
- Large scale maps showing cities, roads and facilities
- Satellite images, electromagnetic, LIDAR, Geotiff or use of google images in background
- Customized scales and local UTM projections are applied
- And many products more...

Formats and map productions

Our diverse map production support the combination from different type of sources such as NTX, DWG, DGN, DXF, SHP, E00, DES, TIF, etc. Also we can export the data from an existing spatial database to any specific format you may require.
- Consultancy services for your institution for the mapping and enviromental division
- Our processes support other historic formats you may have available in your office.
- We have a wide experience in developing mining projects for some environmental issues related to mine explorations since the year 1997 with some work made on behalf of the Canadian company ADI, Halifax.

Technical support & Training
- We provide customer support service for your GIS mapping division and offer training courses in Spanish language for the enviromental division using two different software application