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Mining Services

QUADRANT-ENC has a large database with some mine locations and updated geological map information. We also have some historical customized GIS maps which can provide some useful information in your current projects.

Traditional information from maps and services:

- Large scale maps showing the mine location and surroundings
- Diverse documents and information describing the type of metal or mineral available such as gold, silver, copper, coal, etc.
- Historical data from laboratories
- Current legal status.
- Copy of registered legal documents if required
- Translation of documents from Spanish to English language
- Interact with local representatives from communities on your behalf
- Other documents and papers you may consider

Vector CAD

- Quality control for your spatial data from different CAD sources
- Consultancy services for your institution for the enviromental and mapping division
- Our processes support other historic formats you may have in your office
- Our vast experience support the processing of any format type raster or vector data ready to incorporate to your existing GIS and database

Environmental solutions
We provide full service and assistance to your enviromental division in the use of a customized database with reports according to the law and local rules emited by the government of your country

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