Marine Products
Single & Multibeam Echo sounder and Transducers
Cameras CCTV: Thermal and laser (day and night)
Radars Different brand names with ranges
Aids to Navigation: Transponders for AIS messages
AIS Hardware: Antennas, accesories and transponders
Customized customer support service: Guide and materials available in different languages

Marine products

There is a wide variety of Marine equipment in order to select and according to your need and budget. It is recommended to contact us in order to obtain the right advise and select the right tool according to your requirement.
Our experience in configuring some equipment with many software and systems such as collecting survey data, ECDIS system, VTMS system, etc. is full of experience based in the execution of old projects developed worldwide

Equipment and accesories

There are major changes of technology in many survey equipment and software products impacting in the HO institutions.

Our project division team will allow to your HO institution, survey and cartographic divisions to grow efficiently.

By providing updated products in your country your national fleet and end users will enjioy the benefit of using such products while having a safe sailing under the IMO SOLAS convention for life protection at open sea.