AIS Modules
Module 1: Aids to Navigation (AtoN)
Module 2: Port Arrival Service (PAS)
Module 3: Pipelines & Cable Protection
Module 4: LRIT Services
Module 5: Fuel Consumption
Module 6: Search & Rescue (SAR)
Module 7: App for Mobiles & Tablets

AIS Modules

Our software type AIS Web LRIT VTS has available some modules with specific functionality in order to control, protect and monitor with alarms some under water cables, submarine pipelines, harbor facilities with cameras CCTV, use of radar ARPA for extra security, monitor currents using ADCP technology, sediments, dredging areas, etc. There are many factors that are relevant to our customers with specific functionality and task in their institutions

1. Aids to Navigation (AtoN) - To monitor Buoys, Beacons, Lights, Weather Stations, etc.

2. Port Arrival Service (PAS) - To control ships arrival and departure time and manage your port facilities including berth time reports.

3. Submarine Pipelines and Cable protections - To monitor underwater installations

4. LRIT service - To monitor your national fleet in your country and around the world

5. Fuel Consumption - To monitor the fuel consumption of your fleet and have a daily report

6. Search & rescue (SAR) - To assist in emergency call to ships in distress

7. App for Mobile & Tablet support

Our company can develop some software functionality according to your need and requirement. We can create use cases and documentation in order to provide the right tool and increase accuracy with your data.
Our experience in configuring some equipment with many type of Marine hardware and software such as Single beam & collecting survey data, ECDIS system, AIS VTMS system, weather stations, etc. is full of experience and based in the execution of old projects worldwide